Why Micro Influencers are Important to Your Online Business

How do you increase your customers’ engagement when it comes to your products? Which influencers should you choose if you value authenticity overreach and followers? How do you show your customers that you are a trustworthy brand? And how do you convince your customers to make a purchase from your shop? There is one answer to these 4 questions: Micro Influencers.

You should be open to using Micro Influencer as part of your Marketing effort for 2019. And, if you want to know why the answer is found in the 7 reasons below.

+ Your customers prefer their content over yours | 1

Even though micro influencers do not have as many followers as macro influencers. They have something else. Micro influencers’ engagement rate is higher than that of macro influencers, and it’s much higher than your own posts on SoMe channels. The engagement rate will be 60% higher if you use micro influencers to post about your products instead of doing it yourself.

When choosing your influencers, remember to focus on the engagement rate rather than the numbers of influencers. With micro influencers, it’s a case of quality over quantity.

On top of that, it’s also important to bear in mind that just because one micro influencer got a high engagement rate, it doesn’t mean that this particular influencer matches your brand and your values.

Furthermore, the organization and execution of content will be faster because the Micro Influencers are so eager and dedicated to work with you that they will make a big effort to get started as soon as possible.

+ You don’t pour money down the drain | 2

In general, you pay for running ads on Facebook, showing a commercial on TV or hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your products. With micro influencers, you might be able to make commission-based agreements (Affiliate Marketing). When the agreement is commission-based, it means that the micro influencers get 15% or more in commission every time they make a sale. That means that you only spend money if the micro influencers earn money.

Some micro influencers will set a fixed price so they know for sure in advance how much they are going to earn. The cost of such posts will range from DKK 1000–3000. If the influencer has over 100,000 followers, the price will be different. In such cases, you will have to pay DKK 4000–6000 for each post.

+ Micro influencers could be your customers’ friends | 3

Micro influencers are seen as authentic and trustworthy people because they remind of their followers — your customers. Micro influencers are ordinary people who could easily be friends with their followers — your customers. They might even go to the same school, wear the same clothes or drink coffee from the same coffee shop as their followers.

If Kim Kardashian was promoting a new energy drink, would you trust her recommendations? Or, are you more likely to trust a micro influencer’s recommendations? You will probably rely on the micro influencers words because you know him/her better and because you can identify with his/her values and interests.

Micro influencers are not willing to make a deal with you unless they believe in your brand 100%. A micro influencer would never promote a given brand if they don’t like it. Among other things, that’s how they earn credibility among their followers. And, that credibility is manifested when a micro influencer likes your brand. Their followers will start to like your brand too.

One last thing, to ensure that your micro influencers are trustworthy, remember to tell them that they should write “sponsored” in that post where your brand is promoted.

+ Honored and therefore dedicated | 4

That feeling when you are chosen for a new job, a position on the football team or are chosen as the bridesmaid or best man at a wedding. It makes you feel honored and proud. That’s the same feeling many micro influencers get when a company asks them to create a post featuring their products. Therefore, micro influencers will be more dedicated and willing to go that extra mile to make your post look good and be available when you need them.

Furthermore, the organization and execution of content will be faster because the Micro Influencers are so eager and dedicated to work with you that they will make a big effort to get started as soon as possible.

+ There is always a micro influencer for your niche | 5

You don’t have to worry about finding a micro influencer within your field because there will always be micro influencers who have an interest in the same things as you. Micro influencers have a special style and expertise in certain areas, and they appeal to certain groups of people.

If you sell ties, you should focus on a micro influencer who is passionate about ties and not clothes in general. If you sell gluten-free protein bars, you should find a micro influencer who has a special interest in gluten-free products and meals and not a sports influencer with 200,000 followers. If you are selling retro chairs, you should prioritize a micro influencer with a deep love for retro chairs or retro things and not chairs in general or interior design.

You have to take your time finding the right micro influencer who has a genuine interest in your product and online business. If you think you can pick and choose a random influencer or an influencer with a general interest, you will fail simply because the influencer will lose credibility among their followers if they promote a product they don’t believe in. Lost credibility will have a negative impact on the sales generated by the micro influencer.

+ Your customers follow others’ opinions | 6

One way of converting and convincing your potential customers to make a purchase from your webshop is through social proof or more specific recommendations of others.

“Since 95 percent of people are imitators and only 5 percent initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can

– Robert Cialdini, Professor in Marketing psychology, Influence at work

Recommendations from regular customers are visible on Trustpilot, Google reviews, TripAdvisor etc. Instead of using only customers, you can use micro influencers. Let a micro influencer post a picture or video of them using your product on their Instagram account and get them to make a few comments about it.

+ Micro influencers will be popular this year | 7

When you base your digital efforts on digital trends you are more likely to achieve success. If you include micro influencers or other trends in your plan for 2019, you will be able to:

  • Make more accurate forecasts because you are focussing on things that have happened and not on things that you assume will happen
  • Reduce the consumption of time and money because you are spending time on the right digital efforts
  • Increase traffic to your webshop and increase your conversion rate because you are focusing on the things that your customers like and respond to.

Focus on micro influencers to ensure that you implement a Marketing initiative this year that you know for sure will be popular with your customers. If you are more interested in Video Marketing, Personalization, Chatbots, Voice search or AI, you can explore these other digital trends of 2019 here.

With micro influencers you are able to: make content that increases engagement, earn money before you spend it and work with people that are seen as dedicated, authentic and trustworthy. Also, you will be able to find a micro influencer that matches the sector in which you are operating, increase conversion rates through proof on social media and focus on of the most important digital trends of 2019.

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